One of the biggest challenges our hotel customers face is that the Human Resources (HR) Director can’t be in 3 places at once. Delegation becomes feasible, because oversight is not only possible, but easy.

Recognizing the tremendous burden placed on employers with multiple locations, Lookout created our error checking I-9 Software, “I-9 Intelligence.” We designed an electronically completed I-9 which includes error detection Form I-9 logic. Our error-checking I-9 tool makes it easy to get Form I-9 right. But knowing our customers would want to be able to oversee the activities of the I-9 processors in the field and also seeing this as a best practice, Lookout’s Form I-9 compliance solution enables management to view Form I-9 status and reports at any time. Our electronic I-9 employment software also sends notifications to users prompting them to complete incomplete Form I-9. Users are notified to make updates to Form I-9 according to required deadlines as well. Both of these tools aid management in overseeing the paperless Form I-9 process.

Our web based I-9 Application allows management to keep its fingers on the pulse of I-9 compliance from any location. Plus, our online training I-9 compliance tools take the burden of regular training off your shoulders. Our HR I-9 Solution lets you stay in your office and get more done.