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Our I9 Compliance Software Helps You Remain Error Free and Ultimately Fine Free
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Our I9 Compliance Software Helps You Remain Error Free and Ultimately Fine Free
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I-9 Compliance Starts With Lookout Software

Managing I9 forms and staying compliant with the law is riddled with a number of opportunities for mistakes. These mistakes may cost businesses thousands of dollars in ICE fines.  Lookout Services developed and maintains the most comprehensive set of tools for businesses to avoid these pitfalls.

Our system oversees, corrects and completes compliant electronic I-9 forms. The system supports multiple hiring locations and multi-level user access, along with administrative oversight and management utilities.

Additional features include a seamless interface with the US Government’s E-Verify System, as well as a built in warning system that will provide automatic alerts for expiring items and items needing action. Multiple reports help keep employers current and supports employers in the event of a government audit.

Innovative I9 Compliance Tools to Help You Remain Error Free and Ultimately Fine Free


Error Checking:

Our software addresses the biggest issues that cause fines on I9 compliance audits. Our software has controls that prevent errors from being made – it guides users to follow the requirements and format that is required by USCIS. All levels of users, from the local manager to even the most seasoned HR manager will benefit from our comprehensive error checking features.


Expiring Document Notification:

As documents expire, they expose your company to I9 audit fines. Our software reminds you to update documents before they expire and become a problem. Avoid the fines with a hassle-free reminder system.


Incomplete I9 Report:

Anyone who has on-boarded an employee knows that it is easy to forget to finalize the I9. Some bring the wrong combination of documents, requiring them to be redone. Our system reminds you of any that are still pending information, which helps avoid fines for something as simple as forgetting to go back and finish the document. No more important items slipping through the cracks.


I9 Checklist:

We provide our users with a checklist so nothing is overlooked, which avoids costly fines. The checklist allows you to give employees an overview of what will be required of them during the I9 form completion process.  This checklist reminds HR and hiring managers what needs to be completed to be I9 compliant.

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E-Verify Made Easy

E-Verify can be time consuming and make double work for individuals and HR departments. Our software keeps you compliant while seamlessly integrating information into the government’s system, whether required by State law or voluntarily elected by the employer.

E-Verify Integration:

Users of E-Verify enter information for the Form I9 and it will auto-populate the E-Verify system for you, making compliance and on-boarding as simple as possible. This helps avoid errors and delays.

E-Verify Notification:

Our software takes in the E-Verify notifications so you are alerted to any issues.

Open Case Reporting:

Our software has a built in notification system for open cases with E-Verify, helping the user understand what is needed to solve any issues.

On-Boarding and Employee Management Tools

Our suite of tools makes on-boarding and terminations easier to manage. Our system helps alert you to problems before an ICE audit highlights them.

On-Boarding Assistance:

Once each new hire is entered, our system helps remind the employer to complete the hiring manager’s portion within the proper timeframe, thus helping to maintain compliance to avoid costly ICE fines.

Secure Document Archiving:

Being I9 compliant requires that copies of some items to be retained.  Lookout Services’ software allows documents to be attached as needed or desired – thus providing a paperless solution for both active and archived documents.

Separation Management:

Our system easily allows the management of separated employees. Each separated employee is marked allowing for easy identification, yet complying with the I9 retention requirements.

Customizations and Support

Customized to your Specs:

We support multiple integrations including enterprise integration that allows your IT department to secure and host the software internally, while using our outstanding support team for compliance and implementation questions.

Outstanding Support:

Our team helps keep your team compliant. We have a highly trained team to support your team and avoid costly fines that come from simple human error. Our US-based staff is available via telephone or by email.

Knowledge Base:

Knowledge Base access via the web – Lookout’s online library of information provides assistance in resolving I-9 issues. Contributors are well versed on the subject – enough to give users a wealth of information and insight by other experienced users over many years of learning.

Audit Support

ICE fines can be steep. Simply having a software package can often help lower fines, and if you implement software prior to an audit, the risk of fines greatly diminish because costly mistakes can be avoided. But in the event of an audit, Lookout Services is there to support our clients.

Audit Assist:

Lookout is prepared to support the employer in the event of an ICE audit. Lookout’s team will provide documents explaining the operation of the software and audit trails, which the auditor typically requires. The Lookout team is also available to perform mass print of I-9 records and attachments and provide any needed change history audit trails from the database.

Audit Documentation:

The system will provide documents to efficiently respond to and satisfy the requirements of government audits (such as ICE or a state employment agency).