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Background Services

One of the primary components of the hiring process is performing background checks for potential employees via a professional background services company. This is a key strategy for not only learning more about the ability and character of a person, but also their ability to fit in with a company’s work ethic and culture. To ensure that background check results are dependable and accurate, it is critical to delegate this responsibility to an industry professional.

Background Services Provided

While some industries may require higher levels of customization when it comes to background services, most employers require the following:

Identity Verification

A foundational hiring practice is to ensure that an individual is indeed who they claim to be. In order to facilitate this during a background check, it should include verifying information such as a potential employee’s name, age, and social security number.

Salary History Verification

Some employers validate stated salary figures that are provided on the employment application.

Education Background

Some industries require verified educational prerequisites. For this reason, a professional background check should include the confirmation of an individual’s educational credentials, and professional certifications.

Previous Employment Verification

Reviewing an employee’s previous work experience is helpful in providing an employer with a better idea of the type and scope of work a person has performed for employers in the past. Verification of this information ensures that the data provided is indeed credible and accurate.

Reference Checks

Most job applications include a section where applicants can list references to vouch for their general abilities and character. A thorough background check should include the authenticity of these references.

Motor Vehicle Records

This type of check is invaluable, particularly for companies hiring for positions that will require an employee to operate a company vehicle. A review of an individual’s motor vehicle records can show a more comprehensive picture of their driving record. Too many red flags on these records can signal the potential of liability issues for an employer.

Professional License Verification

Whether it is because an industry requires it or the ownership of a professional license boosts an employee’s chance of obtaining a job, it is standard procedure to make sure a potential employee’s professional license information is valid.

Drug Testing

It is common procedure for employers to require a potential employee to take a drug test to ensure there are no illegal substances detected in the person’s system at the time of testing.

Criminal History Check

This is done to alert an employer about previous criminal activity such as misdemeanors or felonies at the county, state, or national level. It also generally includes a sex offender registry search as well. These checks are performed in an effort to alert an employer of potential liability issues.

If a company would like to add an additional component to background checks for potential employees, it is important to be up front with the provider from the beginning so they can make every effort to accommodate that need.

The Top 3 Benefits of Performing Background Checks on Potential Employees

The number of benefits that can come from performing background checks on potential employees far outweighs the time it takes to facilitate it, especially when an employer utilizes a company that provides professional background services for their employees.

No matter the size of the business, the top three benefits of having background services done for potential employees typically includes:

  1. Making smarter hires. An employee that passes a background services check with flying colors may make for a smarter hire because their past work experience, references, and criminal history check can provide a more complete picture of their character.
  2. Reducing liabilities. In some cases, an employee with a criminal history or tarnished driving record may cause some employers to be concerned about liability issues. By vetting these areas beforehand, employers can make more informed hires that may reduce liability and related legal costs.
  3. Establishing more peace of mind about workplace safety. When background checks are thorough and well executed, it can provide employers with more confidence that they have completed important checkpoints that can go towards better protecting the workplace from employee crime.

What to Look for in a Background Services Provider

The primary consideration to look for in a background services provider is that they also offer Form I-9 compliance assistance for a complete one stop shop for the hiring process. This allows them to not only help verify an employee’s background but also keep an employer Form I-9 compliant by authenticating an employee’s eligibility to work.

To confirm that a background check is accurate and trustworthy, it is recommended that employers look at several considerations when choosing a provider, such as:

  • Scope of Services Provided. Go with a company that can offer a wide range of background services. This keeps an employer from having to use several providers to get one background check done.
  • Industries Served. A proper background services company will serve multiple industries, but it is still recommended to ensure that they can meet your specific industry’s background check needs.
  • Reliability. There are two accreditations that are recommended for providers. They should be both Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant and accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). A provider with these professional affiliations automatically has to abide by a specific set of guidelines for background checks.
  • Communication of Findings. Confirm what method of communication the provider will use to relay their background check findings and that the results can be easily understood. Providers should be able to yield results via an online portal for increased efficiency.
  • Time Needed for Results. The finest background check results do not help if they take more time than the employer has available to make a hiring decision. Ask about the time it takes to complete a background check for one employee as well as the availability to fast track results when needed.
  • Knowledge of background check rules and regulations. There are definitive rules about when a background check is performed and to the extent results can influence a hiring decision. A professional should be intimately familiar with these guidelines and support their clients accordingly.
  • Automation software can streamline and speed up the processes. Software platforms are available to assist Human Resources with all forms of background checks and perform these tasks in sometimes minutes. Look for a platform that is FCRA, PCI and HIPPA Compliant.

To learn more about their workforce and potential liability issues, it is necessary for employers to work with a reputable and trustworthy background services provider who also provides assistance with Form I-9 compliance for all their hiring needs.