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Do I Have To Use It?
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Do I Have To Use It?
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With the possibility that you as the employer can be held responsible if an employee misrepresents his identity, why risk it? Our optional E-Verify add-on ensures you always know who you’re hiring. It compares the data submitted by new employees to the federal database (based on information such as Social Security number, date of birth, and even photo-matching) and provides instant identity confirmation.

Our system can also help you correct errors and manage employee challenges, so you can keep your team productive and working while employment verification issues are resolved.

Map Key:

E-Verify required, all employees
E-Verify required, public employees
Other Legislation
No Action

California- City of Lancaster
ORD. 934
Every employer with one or more employees transacting business in the City of Lancaster must use E-Verify.California- City of Temecula
ORD. 10
All businesses licensed by the city are required to E-verify.

Florida – City of Bonita Springs
ORD. 9-04
Vendors and Contractors, as a condition of the contract with the city, must E-Verify employees.

Michigan (Oakland County Only)
MR 09116
Requiring County Contractors to Participate in E-verify.

New York- Putnam County Only
L.L. No. 4-2009
Putnam County: licensed contractors required to sign affidavit “only employ legal workers.” Also requires the County to use everify for public employees.

Utah – Washington County
ORD No. 2011-1014
Requires businesses, within the unincorporated areas of the county, to use E-Verify before they can obtain Washington County business licenses: 1) each place of business covered by the ordinance to verify the employment eligibility of all new hires by using the federal government’s E-Verify system; 2) failure to comply then the business shall be ordered to comply and its business license shall be suspended for up to 10 days for the first instance, 10-20 days for the second instance, and 30 days to permanent suspension for a third instance.

Washington-Clark County
County Code
Contractors on contracts worth more than $1million to register and use E-Verify.

Washington – Cowlitz County
County Resolution
Requires current contractors and employers with county contracts to use E-Verify to ensure that they and their employees working on the projects are “in compliance with federal employment laws.”

Washington-Pierce County
ORD No. 2009-74s
County agencies and County contractors with contracts valued at $25,000* or more are required to E-Verify. (*$100,000 for road and public works contracts.)

Washington-City of Lakewood
ORD No. 00492
City of Lakewood, WA requires Everify participation by contractors for city and city government.