Lookout Services, Inc. Debuts New I-9 Intelligence Software

HOUSTON, TX- Lookout Services, Inc., a Houston-based company that specializes in I-9 compliance solutions is excited to debut an enriched I-9 intelligence software system designed to streamline the employment verification process. “Lookout Services, Inc. was one of the first vendors to provide I-9 verification software to clients, and as times have changed, so have we. To remain responsive, we recognize we have to be resilient. Our new version of the I-9 intelligence software enhances an employer’s ability to cope with modern day onboarding challenges more seamlessly,” said Arden Morley, President of Lookout Services, Inc.

The 1986 Immigration and Reform Control Act is still in effect today and mandates that employers have their new hires complete a Form I-9 to confirm their identity and eligibility to work in the United States. The I-9 form completion process is dictated by a series of stringent guidelines and deadlines and requires careful attention to detail in order for a company to maintain compliance with federal law.

Lookout Services new version of digital I-9 software still assists with minimizing human error and omission, delivering timely reminders when an action is required, tracking expiration dates of documents, securely archiving forms, compliance reporting, and seamlessly interfacing with E-Verify, eliminating data entry and duplicate tracking. However, the new version of software also offers additional workflows that allow remote hire capabilities, improved access, enhanced monitoring, and updated Form I-9 practices.

Comprehensively, these software features are designed to help users achieve and maintain compliance with federal law. This will help employers avoid costly violations and fines.

“Lookout Services, Inc. takes great pride in assisting clients with the onboarding of employees, maintaining I-9 compliance, and offering audit support. We believe we have developed the most comprehensive I-9 intelligence resource for employers today, and we are here to help them keep their companies compliant,” Morley concluded.

About Lookout Services, Inc.

Lookout Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 by employment verification attorneys who recognized the complexities of I-9 compliance. With a thorough understanding of the strict laws regarding deadlines and record keeping—and the hefty fines non-compliant companies face—Lookout Services, Inc. helps their clients streamline the I-9 process. Visit www.i-9intelligence.com for more information.

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