Time is money, and this is especially true for our customers in the staffing industry. Not only do they compete for the chance to supply workers, but they also compete for workers. Managing high volume and quick turn-a-rounds can create unique challenges.

I-9 Intelligence,” our error checking I-9 Software, is designed with these issues in mind. Lookout provides a user friendly electronically completed Form I-9 allowing for ease and speed when completing Form I-9. That lengthy Form I-9 Handbook for Employers (M-274) is merely an afterthought for those using Lookout’s I-9 compliance software. New employees and your hiring team are guided through Form I-9 as the form is completed. Form I-9 error detection logic prompts users to correct I-9 errors at the time of completion. In addition, sample employment eligibility verification documents are readily available for comparison, making our I-9 compliance tool fast and easy. The paperless I-9 Form is signed and stored electronically. Our error-checking and electronic storage I-9 compliance application software is a no muss, no fuss tool designed to keep you moving.

Our electronic I-9 compliance service includes our KNOW-How Training Materials providing quick reference guides to help even your newest team members keep the pace. Lookout provides additional Human Resources I-9 solutions by training and interacting with I-9 processors according to the needs of each organization.