The Top 5 Features to Look for in I-9 Compliance Software

If you are one of the thousands of companies turning to I-9 intelligence software to streamline your hiring process, knowing the top 5 features to look for in I-9 compliance software will be helpful in choosing the right company to partner with. Having these features in place is key to successfully managing compliance and doing well in the event of an official government audit.

The top 5 features to look for in I-9 compliance software are:

  1. Built-In Compliance Intelligence
  2. User Friendly E-Verify Interface
  3. Onboarding Management
  4. Support and Customization
  5. Audit Assistance

Each of these elements can have a trickle-down effect that can make an employer’s hiring protocol stronger. To show you what we mean, we will break down each element individually with a more thorough explanation.

Built-In Compliance Intelligence

Even with knowledge and good intentions unintentional mistakes can cost a company in both compliance status and hefty fines if ever audited. Fortunately, a comprehensive set of built-in business rules integrates artificial intelligence into the I-9 compliance process. An intelligent I-9 compliance tool will help businesses avoid making common mistakes:

  • Data Error and Omission Scan
  • Document Expiration Notifications Displayed on a User Dashboard and through E-Mail Alerts
  • Incomplete Report Notifications
  • Expiring Document(s) Notification up to six months in advance

Reputable software will make checking for errors a priority since this is one of the most common situations that can lead to official audits. This means using the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services I-9 format and following its requirements. In addition, digital I-9 software is designed to scan the digital forms to flag errors such as blank fields, incomplete fields, and missing signatures, before the forms are signed.

When an employee’s identification document is allowed to expire without reverification, it could cost a company in audit fines. For this reason, I-9 compliance software will alert users to update soon-to-expire documents with advance notice so they can be addressed before they become compliance problems.

Finalizing an I-9 form is a critical part of the process, yet something that many employers can ultimately forget before submitting the form. Whether the documents submitted by an employee are of the wrong combination of acceptable documentation as listed on the form itself, or there is pending information, this software should flag such problems so they can be addressed before the form is finalized and causes compliance issues.

With a series of requirements and deadlines for each section of the I-9 form, keeping up with all of them for multiple employees can be overwhelming for some employers.

User Friendly E-Verify Interface

Another one of the top 5 features to look for in I-9 compliance software is an E-Verify interface that is efficient and user friendly.

Without a well-executed E-Verify integration, the potential for missing deadlines and taking all follow-up action could be detrimental. It is for this reason the software auto-populates the E-Verify system with the information entered into an I-9 form. In addition to preventing mistakes that can occur when reentering data, it also saves employers the time it would have taken to retype that data.

The E-Verify system supplies users with important notifications which are then taken in by the digital I-9 compliance software, and alerts are provided to the user so they can be proactive in managing issues that arise.

The software also provides notifications to users for E-Verify cases that are currently open. This can be useful in keeping users on task and making it clear what is needed to solve existing problems.

Onboarding Management

A good digital I-9 compliance software program will help employers manage both employee onboarding and terminations to highlight compliance issues before they become auditing issues.

When it comes to onboarding, the software is designed to remind the employer to complete their portion of the Form I-9 within the appropriate deadline window. Another part of onboarding that can be problematic for employers is the storage of information that the law mandates must be retained. The digitization of these documents allows employers to easily archive the necessary information without cluttering office space with hard copies of that same information.

Support and Customization

A reputable I-9 software company should also offer outstanding user support for software implementation and support questions via phone and email.

The software should come with a web-based knowledge base that allows users to look up frequently asked questions regarding Form I-9 issues. The knowledge base is put together with the valuable wisdom and insight of professionals within the industry who are accomplished in I-9 compliance.

Audit Assistance

For many employers, the bottom line and the guiding motivation of knowing the top 5 features to look for in I-9 compliance software is avoiding compliance problems in government audits.

A reputable digital I-9 compliance software company should support the employer if an official audit takes place. This can include providing necessary documents that detail both the operation of the software as well as the audit trails. The software should also include doing mass printing of I-9 records and attachments for auditors.

The top 5 features to look for in I-9 compliance software are not simply a suggestion. These features should be a requirement for employers who are serious about handling their onboarding and terminations with integrity and confidence.

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